It all began in 1994, when Vila became part of Danish fashion House, Bestseller. Vila has continued to grow and find its look & feel. 
Vila remains true to its mission, to create feminine fashion with a focus on quality, design and details.
Vila’s three keys
Feminine: Vila believes that felinity is the perfect balance between being delicate and grateful. It is balance which is expressed in all our clothes, through little details in styles and fabrics. VILA is a feminine brand at heart, and we want to give the VILA customers the opportunity to express that side of their personalities through the fashion choice they make.
Sensual: Joie de vivre is what lies behind sensuality. It is passim for experience, both in spirit and in body, and in the way we present it. Sensuality is not expressed in what you wear, but more in the way you wear it. Enjoying life and knowing what you want makes life even better, and more fun. 
Simple: at the heart and core of elegance lies a pure and simple approach to fashion. Simplicity is the key to letting personalities show vibrantly through the tides and tidal waves of trends. Less is more, and simple does it when clean cut lines and daring to enjoy simplicity are allowed to take lead. 
The Vila Design 
The design philosophy of VILA is based on a feminine approach to fashion, uniting fashion, trend insights and a bit of sensuality.
Vilas signature style Is discovered in the mix, the prints, delicate cuts and the fie details, with a touch of high trend awareness. Every single style that leaves our hands is made with a passion to Create something to be proud of, and to enable someone to be proud to wear it. 
We strive for high quality in all things we do, through working with the best possible materials, and carefully selecting every single bit and piece of each design. 
At VILA, Carlow we are small team but we work hard for you, we focus on the personal touch and our customers. We pride our self on the best customer care and view our new customers as friends we just haven’t met yet.